Regional & Field Offices


Bangladesh POUSH has developed training facilities in its project area with residential capacities. Harbang Offices and Cox’s Bazar Offices has facilities for about 30 trainees. POUSH has well trained training facilitators for conducting training courses. Subject wise training material developed by the different subject matter specialist. Addresses of the Site offices-training centers are as follows:

  1. Bangladesh POUSH, Harbang Field Office, Harbang, Cox’s Bazar
  2. Bangladesh POUSH, Cox’s Bazar Field Office, Naser Complex, Rumaliar Chara
  3. Bangladesh POUSH, Dhalghata Field Office, Moheshkhali Island
  4. Bangladesh POUSH, Gorakghata Field Office, Moheshkhali Island
  5. Bangladesh POUSH St. Martin’s Island Field Office, St. Martin’s Island Site Office
  6. Bangladesh POUSH, Shyamnagar, Field Office, Sathkhira.