POUSH was also involved in drafting the Cyclone Shelter Master Plan Report on Community Development and Shelter Management. Director of POUSH was also involved in the Asian Development Bank study of NGOs in Bangladesh in 1992 as NGO Specialist.

POUSH strongly supports programmers for rehabilitation of the environment and is active in promoting sustainable development. It participated in the assessment of the environment and natural resources of Bangladesh, by USAID/ World Resources Institute in 1990. POUSH has also contributed to the drafting of the National Conservation Strategy (NCS) and the National Environment Management Action Plan (NEMAP).

POUSH is the first NGO from Bangladesh to become an accredited NGO of Global Environment Facility (GEF) and one of the few NGO members of United Nations ECOSO.

The members of POUSH have participated in the UNCED in Rio, the World Conservation Congress in Montreal and many other international conferences. They also work closely with the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).

President of Bangladesh POUSH participated in the Rio+10 (World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD) in August 2002 and also international workshop, conference and seminar.