Ongoing Projects

An Overview of the Project Activities

On-going projects in collaboration with international donor, government agency and private sector.

Name of the project and accomplishment Collaborating  Donor
    • Community based harvest management by conserving the juveniles of marine biodiversity in Bay of Bengal.

The major objective of the project areConservation of marine biodiversity by practicing ustainable   harvesting by the community

Major Activities

  • Interviewing 20 fishers who fishing in sea to identify the species accidentally catch regularly in sea;
  • Community based monitoring of the fishing net
  • Aware community on the breeding season of the marine biodiversity breed in both aquatic and terrestrial habitat
  • Diversification of the livelihood to reduce the presser on marine resources
 JFGE, Japan
April 2016-  March 2019
2.2 Community Based Conservation and Regeneration of Mangrove Forest in Maheshkhali Island.

The major objective of the project are

  • To develop biodiversity conservation group to protect important biodiversity & habitats
  • To protect, conserve, restore, maintain biodiversity and natural resources
  • To establish community based knowledge centre in order to promote sustainable biodiversity conservation and management
  • Awareness building among communities and different stakeholders
  • Capacity building of local communities, CBOs, NGOs, School teachers & students etc.
  • Capacity building of the community to undertake different Alternative Income Generative Activities (AIGA)

Major Activities:

  • Nursery Establishment
  • Skill development training for the group members
  • Group meeting on importance of mangrove ecosystem
  • Increase capacity of community groups member
  • Training on awareness raising on Mangrove Forest Ecosystem and Biodiversity:
  • Training on mangrove nursery establishment Techniques, plantation & its management
  • Training on disaster preparedness
Funded by: KNCF
April 2016-  March 2017
Participatory Ecosystem Based Adaptation through  Afforestation  and Capacity Building of the Community for Sustainable Development  of Moheshkhali  Island, Cox`s Bazar, Bangladesh


The major objective of the project are
The main purpose of the project is to raise community awareness and participatory ecosystem service development in the targeted area.

Major Activities:

  • Formation community based group
  • Providing hands on training on nursery raising to the members of CBGs
  •  Providing hands on training on eco restoration of the members of CGBs
  • Providing hands on training on climate change to the members of CBGs
July 201- June 2017
Road Safety in Bangladesh

The major objective of the project are:

  • To develop an institutional landscape of key actors and stakeholders and engagement with the stockholders and develop quarterly and annual monitoring instatements.
  • To map the situation of road traffic injury care, rehabilitation and institutional support of victims and households.


  • To engage through a wide-ranging consultation process, develop total and holistic road safety agenda and action plan that can inform and shape a major advocacy initiative.

Major Activities:

  •  Desk Review
  • Site Research
  • FGD
  •  Institutional Consultations
  • Key Informant Interviews (KII)
  • Case Studies
  • Report Finalization
Bangladesh Bank
January – December 2016