Man Power (Staff)

Man power (Staff)

All the staff members of Bangladesh POUSH are university graduates covering relevant areas of activity, e.g. Science, Agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife Biodiversity, Marine Science, Geography, Biological Science,  Fisheries, Climate Scientist, Management, etc. Additional specialized and technical training on development and management has also been utilized by its team of personnel. Most of the field staff are selected from the local working area; Voluntary staff of POUSH usually work at the time of emergency work, some of them are working as apprentices at local level to enrich their knowledge. At present POUSH has 105 full time staff and 65 voluntary staff.


POUSH has established a good number of panels consisting of reputed scholarly Environment Specialist, Scientists, Social Scientists, Economist, Educationist, Technologist. They have been contributing their expertise in the Projects/ Programs of POUSH. POUSH is closely associated with them for the last 24 years.