About BD Poush

Basic Information of Bangladesh POUSH

Address: (Mailing): 11/8 Iqbal Road, Block-A, Mohammadpur,
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Tel: 88- 02-8117948, Cell: 01711531451, 01796 588961
E-mail: bdpoush@gmail.com
Website: www.bdpoush.org
Contact Person: Mr. Sanowar Hossain
Bangladesh POUSH
Incorporated on: January 1, 1990 and Registered as Non-government
and non-profit organization on 15th December 1991.
Registration: –  Registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh.

– Bangladesh POUSH is registered as non profit & non political organization
Government of the people republic of Bangladesh.


Registration Authority Registration Number Date of Registration

NGO Affairs Bureau






Our Vision
To promote society that upholds values, conserve and manage Natural Resources towards Sustainable Development.

Objectives of Bangladesh POUSH are as:

  • To promote participatory sustainable natural resource management
  • To rehabilitate the degraded environment
  • To share development knowledge & experience
  • To increase awareness & education
  • To enhance food security and job diversification
  • To buildup organizational capacity and human resource development
  • To assist community to buildup peoples Institution
  • To generate sustainable income
  • To empower women

Major Areas of Work

Bangladesh POUSH has initiated and implemented projects with special emphasis on:

  • Social and Participatory Afforestation
  • Nursery Development
  • Agro Forestry
  • Mangrove Afforestation in Cox’s Bazar Coastal Area
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Participatory Sustainable Natural Resource Management
  • Community Mobilization
  • Training & Extension
  • Awareness & Education.
  • Sustainable livelihood Development
  • Human Resource Development
  • Research & Publication
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Education (both formal and Non-formal)
  • Partnership Development
  • Gender Development
  • Community based wetland management
  • Rehabilitate the degraded environment
  • Assist community to built peoples institution.
  • Community based Climate Change Adaptation
  • Environmental, Ecological and Social Survey and Assessment
  • Organizing International Seminar, Workshop and Conference



Bangladesh POUSH has established Institutional linkage with national & intervention organization/ Institutes. POUSH is the member of the following networks and Organizations.

    • Member of IUCN since 1991.
    • Member of Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) of UN since 1994.
    • Accredited NGO of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) of World Bank since 1995.
    • Member, Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), UN, since 1992.
    • Member, Ramsar Centre Japan (RCJ) since 1994.
    • Coalition of Environmental NGOs in Bangladesh since 1992.
    • Member, Climate Action Network since 2004.